Dear Yoshiaki Tsuzuki ,8 months agoThe short answer to your question, Ms Abeer, is in the expression I learned from an Indian fellow in Malaysia, "Good one no cheap, cheap one no good.

"I, myself, do not profess to be either the best author or the best editor, but I have had experience writing a few documents (thesis, dissertation, articles and reports), serving on the faculty of universities in the US and developing geoscientific content in for e-Learning Online editing services and proofreading services for business, college, and personal documents. FREE sample edit. Affordable & professional. Fast turnaround. Our professional editors and proofreaders provide writing help for your term paper, direct mail, website, business plan, personal statement, manuscript, essay, .

The task of editing scientific literature is rarely as simple as grammar and punctuation. In my experience, the ability to clearly and accurately write in an expository manner, particularly on scientific or technical subject matter is a relatively rare and undervalued skill, even among native English speakers. My introductory lecture to undergraduate non-majors enrolled in a geology course includes an explanation that in science, vocabulary is a key obstacle.

Many words have Greek or Latin roots obscure to the average US or UK student While writing essays may be a difficult task for most students, omitting to edit the work lowers the quality. Avoid this through best editing services..

Other words may seem familiar, yet the meaning in a scientific context is not the one we have for the same word in everyday speech (e. For more about this, see /reading/exercise/texts/ .

Typically, the rich array of seemingly synonymous terms in regular English actually have subtle distinctions in connotation when used in scientific literature (e. This issue is no less tricky when it comes to scientific terminology. For example, that a rock is "volcanic" means it is certainly "igneous," but that it is "igneous" does not imply that it is necessarily "volcanic. "The point is that even a "good editor" of the English language might not be able to edit scientific content.

As a geologist, I certainly would not undertake to edit a technical article in "particle physics. "I surmise that anyone writing a scientific article for submission to an English-language journal has one or more senior investigators, instuctors, or mentors. These folks ought have a network of colleagues that should serve as the editor of an initial draft.

The process of "editing" chiefly involves a discussion in which the editor asks the author, "What are you really trying to say?" Together, arduously, they may converge on a resolution. Sometimes, it can be, as we say, "Like pulling teeth.

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