Use of Facts, quotes and examples: they lend weight to your views by supporting them with evidence.

Discourse markers: these tell your audience where you are going next! They may be topic sentences or enumeration, which has a build up effect as well as helping your audience to follow your argument AQA English coursework Through language politicians hope to make decisions that will influence other people's behaviour and even their values. The Language of Politics by Adrian Beard and George Orwell's Politics and the English Language , in order to gain a deeper insight into this distinct style of language..

Antithesis: You can present the opposing view and destroy it (ruthlessly). Examples include: triple phrasing; Anaphora (repetition of sentence beginnings); Epistrophe which is repetition of phrase endings (e.

); Polysyndeton (frequent use of conjunctions such as ‘and’)Cataphoric sentence structure.

This is a useful device: for instance, you might raise interest before identifying the actual subject e. She had been working on the project for five years before Julie realised…First person, Second person, Third person.

For instance, you might use the inclusive ‘we’; a synthetically personalised ‘you’; an impersonal ‘they’. Rhetorical questions, Give the answers to your questions – you can imply these through the question as well as being explicit. Diacope (the verbal sandwich: ‘Fly, my pretties, fly’.

 The Wicked Witch of the West does not actually say this, so it is a measure of the success of diacope that many people believe she does!)Make an impact with your opening statement (always recommended) 21 Nov 2015 - Hi all, So we've just gone back to school and we're starting our A2 courses now, mostly coursework in majority of subjects which means English coursework. I'm with AQA, doing the language investigation coursework, yet I've no idea WHATSOEVER on what to do it on and I need to have an idea fairly soon. Most people .

Maintain the structure an impetus throughout – you certainly don’t want a sagging middle. Make the occasional declarative statement in a short sentence, a short paragraph, a minor sentence etcTry a hypothetical/conditional argument to support your reasoning! e. if humans suddenly developed compassion, no animal would ever see the inside of a cage again.

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